Fiction Factory

Heaven is closer now

Heaven is closer now

Enjoy tattoo out of cleaning. I use only quality equipment.

Why I do this

Some years ago I realized the beauty of totally black pictures, especially on the human’s body. So I concentrate only on this color ever since and create a unique every simple line.
Using for this only high-quality materials and equipment you can be sure in your tattoos.
Collaboration starts with the first meeting where we discuss all design aspects and all your predilections to the future tattoo. Be sure in your originality.

It started with Punk. 

Kevin and Eddie in one band – Street People – and Chic in another – The Resistors. The two sets of gang members eyed each other with curiosity from the middle distance…

When both bands split at about the same time, synchronicity intervened to bring the three together.

The building momentum of Two Tone then gave the three a chance to join up with another four talented musicians to form The Rude Boys.